How We use User's Google data

Introduction: values user privacy and security. In line with our commitment to transparency, this document outlines the verification process for Google OAuth consent on our website. This process ensures the secure integration of public personal information from Google into

OAuth Integration Overview: OAuth (Open Authorization) is a secure and standardized authorization framework that enables third-party applications like to access user data from Google without exposing user credentials. This integration adheres to Google's policies, emphasizing user consent and data protection.

Verification Steps:

  1. User Initiation:

    • Users initiate the OAuth process by logging into using their Google credentials.
    • They are presented with a consent screen outlining the information seeks to access.
  2. Consent Screen Details:

    • The consent screen explicitly mentions the types of public personal information requests.
    • Commonly requested information includes the user's basic profile information, email address, and any other details specified.
  3. User Consent:

    • Users must grant explicit consent before can access their Google information.
    • The consent screen will clearly state that is requesting access to specified data.
  4. Access Token Retrieval:

    • Upon user consent, receives an access token from Google.
    • This access token is used to retrieve the approved public personal information from the user's Google account.
  5. Limited Scope:

    • only requests access to the minimum necessary public personal information required for the application's functionality.
    • No sensitive information beyond the scope of the application's purpose is accessed.

Types of Public Personal Information Requested: requests access to the following public personal information from Google:

  • Basic profile information (name, profile picture).
  • Email address.

Data Usage and Security Measures:

  1. Purpose Limitation:

    • The accessed information is solely used for enhancing the user experience within
    • No information is shared or used for purposes beyond the application's functionality.
  2. Data Security:

    • employs industry-standard security measures to protect user data.
    • Data transmission between Google and is encrypted.
  3. Data Retention:

    • retains user data for the duration necessary to fulfill the application's purpose.
    • Users have the option to revoke access at any time through their Google account settings.

Conclusion: The Google OAuth consent verification process ensures a secure and transparent exchange of public personal information between Google and Users can trust that their data is handled responsibly and used solely for enhancing their experience within the platform. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at